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Cole Kahle developed his love for real estate after having seen first hand his co-workers and friends create wealth and upgrade their lifestyles. Now, equipped with the knowledge and tools to succeed, he is deeply involved in real estate investing - both single and multi-family. He also owns both single and multi-family investment properties. Cole has helped investors with flips (which he has done so himself) as well.

Aside from his ability to grind it out and not quit, Cole is also complimented for his great communication skills.

Outside of real estate, Cole Kahle is also a fireman and an avid traveler who’s been all over the world.

To anyone looking for a real estate, you may contact Cole via email or phone.

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The United's support team really goes above and beyond to make sure the agents are happy and receive the fastest response time as possible, through phone, text or email. I can tell that they really care about their work. The other agents that work here are also very friendly to each other, which means a lot to me. Our office is also at a great location to meet clients, and I am proud to work here.

- Peter T. (YELP)

I love United Real Estate LA! I've found an incredible support team of knowledgeable professionals who are truly invested in the success of each agent. In addition, I've found advanced technology provided by a company that understands the unique agent-client needs in a dynamic and rapidly changing real estate environment. The old way of buying and selling homes no longer serves the best interest of a client, and I'm glad I've found a brokerage that is moving and growing with the times.

- Mary A. (YELP)

After meeting with several local real estate brokerage. I am so happy that I made the decision to work with Annie Chen, and the United Real Estate Beverly Hills team.

- Shawn Y. (YELP)

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